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2014 4 Apr

Good Night to All, from the Blue Bells Hotel, 14, Pembridge Square

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(In memory of Dr. phil. Egon Werlich, my English teacher who passed away on March 19th, as I’ve just heared by two old school mates. We travelled to London with him, in 1972, we read „Lady Chatterley’s Lover“ in school, he was a tough one. We all saw him one more time last summer. So sad.)


These are the last steps of my London trip. A night in „Blue Bells“! I’ll be back on this site next Friday when listing the tracks of my „Klanghorizonte“ edition on April, 12th (at the Deutschlandfunk). But before that I have to say „thank you“ to some people (in alphabetical order) – without their support and kindness, this travel would have been a bit more rough (and, once again, this all happened on the basis of personal friendships, good aquaintances, and was not at at all set up by a record company, or a newspaper with big connections.) It was, in the end, a private thing. A labour of love. Good night, and good luck. So, thank you:


Bob T Bright, for a wonderful encounter, with lots of inspirations, and clear plans for a meeting of all Manafonistas on Sylt in 2014 or 2015

Ed Dense, for arranging Janek’s Schaefer long car ride from the River-of-Themse

Brian Eno, for the delights of casual meetings, for the healthy cup of afternon tea (decaffeinated), for letting me be a witness of creative studio work, and telling good stories about the Everly Brothers and connections between Steve Reich and Fela Kuti (I only forgot to ask you where in the mountains you had bought this Moroccan hat!)

Helen, The Canadian Waitress of „Dishoom“ near Leicester Square, for a profound introduction into their menu card and deeply satisfying Indian food adventures

Karl Hyde, for a nice first encounter with interesting small talk, for his special „Young Marble Giants“-story and really good time in the studio incl. his stories about the fun of playing with funnily tuned guitars (I am sure you will like Bill Callahan’s albums!)

Janek Schaefer, for his Magical Mystery Tour to London, a nice interview about the magic sound of cars at night in distant areas, and his love for slowing down well-dosed samples of Classical Music etc. (Brian has got your new record!)

Jochen „Joey“ Siemer, for giving my stories and pictures form and space, being the „invisible man“ in the background and offering great feedback on the phone

Guy Sigsworth for being the most handsome „ghost“ (i nearly never saw him) and for letting me be his guest in an area full of memories of old times (now I know again that London is my favourite town!)

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