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2014 3 Apr

A Visit at „Day Lewis Pharmacy“

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Now this visit was funny. In fact all I needed was a remedy against Alzheimer, a remedy against depression, and a remedy against impotence, brewer’s droop and radiation-induced erectile dysfunctions that can also be used as a highly effective „fat-burner“ with lots of side effects, if wrongly dosed. I didn’t want any soft homeopathic pills, but really powerful tools.

I gave the man behind the counter a list of the three names, hardcore material from your favourite psychiatrist. Well, he started to look a bit suspicious. Whatever I would say now, would make the whole situation even more suspicious. But what should I do? So, here was the naked truth: „Sir, as you might see, I’m not suffering from Alzheimer, I don’t think you would call me depressive, and believe me, my sex drive is fine. I need these pills for my scientific research (I’m a trained psychologist, Sir!) for inducing lucid dreams in the last and longest R.E.M.-cycle of sleep. There these pills work, when handled with care, as neuro-transmitters. They present a real progress in the neuroscientific research of dreams, and lucid dreams particularly.“

Now, at this moment, I realized the silence in the shop. Two Indian looking women gave me a nervous smile, as if they would think i’m just at the peak of the manic phase of a serious  bipolar psychosis. I tried to save the situation by smiling trustfully and adding that I know I might need a prescription for two of them, but, as far as I would know, No. 3 is freely available in England. Again I said the name of the substance and that it is made, distilled, whatever, from some special Black African Beans.

„Black African Beans?“, the older woman asked, and she obviously didn’t feel very comfortable. The man behind the counter looked into my eyes and said (after looking carefully into his lists): „Sorry, but for these black beans, too, you need a prescription. And even with a document from a doctor you have to pay 200 English pds. for them.“ A deal was not in sight, I somehow enjoyed all those things that were lost in translation. And wished them a good evening.

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