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2014 27 Feb

My Top 22 (and some more) Brian Eno Songs

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1) Spinning Away

2) Dead Finks Don’t Talk

3) Fractal Zoom

4) Here He Comes

5) Back In Judy’s Jungle

6) This

7) and then so clear

8) Under

9) The Complete and Bootlegged Song Cycle of Brian Eno’s A Capella Group incl. Ring of Fire, My Sentimental Friend (yes, that Herman’s Hermits tune), After The Goldrush, Love Letters Straight From Your Heart, Waterloo Sunset, Shine, At Last I Am Free, 12 Doo Wop Originals, 26 Gospel Songs, In My Life a.o.

10) Some Of Them Are Old

11) Taking Tiger Mountain

12) St. Elmo’s Fire

13) Breath Of Crows

14) Here Come The Warm Jets

15) Burning Airlines Give You So Much More

16) The Belldog

17) Julie With…

18) The True Wheel

19) Golden Hours

20) The Great Pretender

21) Just Another Day

22) Passing Over

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    To be even more honest, I prefer every album from start to end!

  2. Henning:

    Das Leben, eine/als Songparade! (-:

  3. Wilfried:

    Und wo, lieber Michael, ist „And then so Clear“? Durch irgendein Raster gefallen, schlicht vergessen? Du hast doch diesen Song mit der Story um die kaputte Gesangsspur in deiner Sendung vorgestellt + ich bin dem Stück komplett verfallen. Glaube damit gerade einige Nachbarn geweckt zu haben, hmmmmmmm….

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Gut kombiniert, Wilfried. Das Stück war heute ganz früh am Morgen noch dabei, ist dann durch ein Versehen rausgefallen, dies ist absolut grossartig.

  5. Ian M:

    Eno songs is a great idea for a top 20 list, since so much of his stuff is instrumental.

    My fave Eno songs would have to include:

    The True Wheel
    And Then So Clear
    By This River
    Third Uncle
    Burning Airlines Give You So Much More

  6. Martina:

    Eins, das ich sehr gern höre, ist „Bloom“ aus „Drawn From Life“ mit Jan Peter Schwalm. Michael hat es in seiner Sendung gespielt. Da wurde – nicht ganz zufällig, aber drawn from life – eine Kinderstimme eingebaut „oh, an ice“.

  7. Michael Engelbrecht:

    I know now: eno definitelys sings „lead“ on some songs of the forthcoming album sharng singing with Mr. hyde a.nd another voice. Darla is part of the album, too, his daughter you can hear on Bloom, Martina, a beautiful piece, but not a song:) next Tuesday they will stream a song of iit, but I think, Ken will be the singer there. Passing Over is, great, too. I have listened to his four song albums of the seventies more than to the Beatles albums of my life.

    He is definitely my favouritte singer, just listen to the fanatstic duet he’s doing with Robert Wyatt (another favourite singer) – i just don t remember the name of the song. it is early in the morning , and I’m doing my little lucid dreaming exwrcise. Now cones long REM-sleep…. By the way, meanwhile I love, love, love the new album by The Notwist (Close to Glass) – listen to it on Spotify, vinyl or cd:) The new St. Vincent (much praised) leaves me totall bored, a mattwr of taste, good energy, great power, but it does not affect me at all.

    The thing with the bootlegged song cycle was a joke, by the way, I know Brian ans friends meet quite often for a capella singing, one rule is never to put out a record. So it was (hello , Gregs!) just a story.

    I’m still changing the playlist for my Saturday morning show. Will be produced on Friday evening, and i’ve still written no single word.

    If the the Eno/ Hyde album fulfills my high expectations Frank Nikol and I will probably do a three picture story about it (my one liners, Frank’s painting) – would be fun!

    I alwaays think of Ian being very young and reading the first Laidlaw thriller by McIlverney. I now found a German translation and will read it soon and find the episode with Hedda Gabler, Ian:)

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