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2014 25 Feb

Gurdjieff, Komitas nun

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EYE at Y (Amsterdam)

Pianist Keiko Shichijo discussing versions of pieces by Komitas with Levon Eskenian (of Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble from Yerevan)

And here Levon Eskenian is playing the harmonium of the master

Soghomon Soghomonian known as Vardapet Komitas (1869-1935)
Georges Gjurdieff (1866?-1949)
The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble – Music Of Georges I. Gurdjieff. ECM 2236
The Japanese pianist Keiko Shichijo interprets music of Komitas and Tigran Mansurian in our recent pianolab.Amsterdam-series with music of Paul Motian.
Levon Eskenian has reconstructed the folkmusic traditions and the instruments used from Gurdjieff’s music and de Hartmann’s transcriptions and harmonizations for piano. In the west mostly de Hartmann’s versions are known, a.o. in the interpretation of Keith Jarrett. On the basis of his insights in and knowledge of the folk-traditions Eskenian figures out how the music of Komitas which is to a great extent based on those traditions have to be aptly interpreted. Both, Gurdjieff and Komitas had an important role in Eastern and Western musical exchange. Komitas, a great composer was of major importance for the reconstructian and development of Armenian music. There is a growing interest in his music in West. More of his work will be performed and recorded in a profound way in the near future.

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