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2014 18 Feb

Dear Hennessy’s from Jameos del Playa!

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Hope to hear from you soon. The possibly only two soul mates in that house, and I meet them when flying home. You should hire a car, drive through the roads of the Timanfaya hills, perfect small high-ways in between the ashes of volcanos. You should enjoy, in the morning, being nearly alone on Mirador del Rio, and see La Graciosa before your eyes, like a painting. I once was there when fog made nearly everything invisible, but then, within an hour, and great ambient music in my ears (From Kranky Records) the light came through, small dots, and you could see more and more of small island besides Lanzarote. Awesome. You should also go, early in the morning to the famous beaches besides Playa Blanca. in the morning, before 8 o’clock, no one is there, and the temperature already high. In Arrieta it’s fun to eat at the restaurants at the beach, the best fish restaurant in Puerto del Carmen is „Les Sardineros“, at the old habour. Simple and great. And if you like Italian food, go to la Trattoria Antica Verona, at the beginning of Puerto del Carmen (from your side) they have good pizzas, and the best orange juice of the world. 700 m from there, and there you’ll discover a small stand (don’t miss it) with the best Italian ice cream of the Canaries:) but don’t go to the valley of  1000 palms. It’s hot, dead and merciless. Recommended, too: the house of the local hero, you know the artist Cesar Manrique, painter and much more who died by accident on the island he loved, in 1992. in his house an old Miles Davis record could be heared, I think it was My Funny Valentine. I had only one cd in the car during this week. Neil Young: On The Beach. The dark side if the hippie era anno 1975. Would be nice to hear from you. Just leave your email and a short comment. No one can read the email adress. Would like to visit Dublin, some time, soon! Best, Michael! And in one of the „cuevas“ (nice cafe) they still play Eno’s „Music For Airports“ from time to time, and the composition „Lanzarote“. Years ago Brian Eno played down the bottom of a volcano! It was fun, but no one was prepared for the cold ground at midnight.





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