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2014 5 Jan

East India Youth

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No, young William Doyle didn’t spend his youth in a mountain village in East India where traditional sitar music became the soundtrack of his teenage years. He’s from Bournemouth and is currently living in London. Brian Eno visited one of his concerts there, and his forthcoming album (already circulating in the net as far as I’ve read) sounds „like the great lost album that Brian Wilson, Björk and Brian Eno should have made together.“ (Stephen Dalton, Uncut, Feb. 2014). (I’m not so sure if that would have worked in reality, and would always prefer an Eno-Wyatt-Henriksen trio, but who cares?). According to Stephen Dalton, this album, titled „Total Strife Forever“ (published by „Stolen Records“), „is a kaleidoscopic affair built around four iterations of the title track which gearshift from shoegaze shimmer-shudder to ambient abstraction to full-blooded electro-orchestral symphony.“ I haven’t heared a single note yet, and keep any kind of high expectation on a somehow low level. Have read about too many „Wunderkinder“ who were slightly overrated with their postmodern playgrounds. Asked about his key influences, Mr. Doyle quotes Brian Eno, Shostakovich, Pärt and Fuck Buttons. This list, with all due respect, is the usual eclecticism of covering all grounds and crossing every border. i think even this violin clown, David Garrett, might call himself influenced by Vivaldi, Jimi Hendrix and the ghosts of The Grateful Dead. Young William, by the way, sent an EP to Brian Eno. Brian didn’t answer yet. Hmmm. Let’s wait and hear!


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1 Comment

  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Aktueller Nachtrag: Mit dieser Platte kann man mich jagen. Leichtfertig habe ich mich dazu entschlossen, sie zu kaufen, obwohl ich meines Skepsis schön formuliert hatte. Total Strife Forever von East India Youth besitzt eine Menge von den Dingen, die ich an Musik nicht mag: endlose Arpeggios am Synthesizer, für jeden etwas und für mich nichts, sowie der Hang zum symphonischen Song a la Phil Spector. Dann wird es ja so schön schrillig, leidend und bedeutsam! Nein, danke, ab in die Tonne.

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