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2014 4 Jan

Prisoners, etc.

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Johan Johansson, the Islandic composer told about his work on the soundtrack of last year’s brilliant thriller PRISONERS: „Denis Villeneuve hired me because he wanted my sound, so as soon as I figured that out, it was really all about being myself. I reacted to the images and to the performances. Fortunately, if you have such good material to work with, my job becomes a lot easier. We wanted the music to work in contrast to the darkness of the film, to be a kind of lyrical and poetic voice that rings throughout. This music is very string based and is based on modal chord progressions. There is also a lot of music that is more psychological and serves to heighten the tension and the sense of unease. This music is very drone-based and a lot of it was created in Berlin with the cellist Hildur Gudnadóttir and Erik Skodvin from Deaf Center and Svarte Greiner. So there are these two voices working in a kind of counterpoint throughout the film.“  In my next edition of KLANGHORIZONTE  on January, 18th, I will play music from the soundtrack (Thanks to Ed Dense sending me the soundtrack out of nowhere!) Finally, I got the brillant vinyl-edition of Arthur  Russell’s „Another Thought“ (thank you, A-Musik!) which will get extensive airplay, too. It’s a bit difficult to place jazzman Arild Andersen‘ new album MIRA in this context, and even more strange to let Doug Paislay sing a song from his forthcoming album STRONG FEELINGS, but I will try to find a plot :)

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    „My ideal is music where the electronic and the acoustic sounds blend seamlessly,“ says Jóhannsson, who – in addition to releasing albums on labels such as Touch and 4AD – has scored more than a dozen movies. „I think the score – much like, but maybe even more than my previous work – combines my twin obsessions, which is writing for orchestra and creating electronic music.“ Jóhann’s influences include Steve Reich, Michael Nyman, The Hafler Trio, Coil, Alvin Lucier, Swans, Arvo Part, Ennio Morricone, Morton Feldman, Gesualdo and Bernard Herrmann.

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