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2013 31 Dez

Last evening

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The door bell rang. To my surprise Randy Newman was standing there, a nice Stetson on his head, and a Cuban cigar in his right hand. I’ve never seen him smoking for years. We knew each other from his time in Düsseldorf. I was totally tired, and he wasn‘ very talkative, too. He just needed a place to rest. He asked me (after some long silences) if he could play something on my piano, and I told him it’s not really well-tuned. It didn’t matter for him, and he started playing „Baltimore“ which was always one of my favourite songs. Single lines lingered through the air: „Hooker on the corner / Waitin‘ for a train / Drunk lyin‘ on the sidewalk / Sleepin‘ in the rain / And they hide their faces / And they hide their eyes / Cause the city’s dyin‘ / And they don’t know why (…)“ The song ended. – Gosh, I said after a while, what a sad and beautiful song. Did you live there, Randy? – I saw photographs, I read about the town’s history. Then the apparition vanished. I woke up in my armchair, turned to my record collection and put on Randy Newman’s „Songbook, Vol. 2“ – only the man and his piano. And one more time I listened to „Baltimore“.

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  1. Anonymous:

    Dreams behind dreams, places away, sounds here

  2. Rainer Harazim:


    Ich war dieses Jahr auf einer Party im Kölner Gewölbe mit den beiden Betreibern des Münchener Permanent Vacation Labels als DJs (magic soundscapes – magic night)und zum Ausklang spielten sie Baltimore in einer Reggae Version von The Tamlins (perfect ending). Gibt’s auf der großartigen Compilation „Darker Than Blue: Soul from Jamdown 1973-1980“ auf Blood and Fire. Bleibt noch zu erwähnen die mehr als gelungene deutsche Version von Udo Lindenberg.

  3. Henning:

    Noch können wir Träume (Teeräume) nicht direkt im Netz posten …

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