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2013 16 Dez

Rashad B.

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„I keep coming back to Rashad Becker’s Traditional Music For A Notional Species Vol 1, again and again. It has to be my favorite of the year, hands down. Next is Interpretations On FC Judd. And I loved Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement’s The Plant With Many Faces/Folklore Venom, which I’m treating as a double album. Simon Fisher Turner’s Epic of Everest deserves mention, as does Rene Hells‘ Vanilla Call Option. I love the Wanda Group’s releases, and Mika Vainio’s Kilo ought to be somewhere in the top 100. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds were great, and I still don’t understand the appeal of Factory Floor, its seems like such a dud to me.“ (Raylan Wang)

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