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Miles Davis – Big Fun

I like a lot of records from this period in jazz and by Miles Davis, but the reason why I prefer this to Bitches Brew or Live-Evil or On The Corner is because this is an album made entirely out of outtakes. He was due an album and this was made from leftover bits. This has become something which is better known about Miles Davis over the last few years, especially with all the reissues. They reissue what they consider to be complete sessions from this period, say Jack Johnson or whatever. And if this is a guy’s outtakes, the stuff that was just left on the cutting room floor, then this blows my mind. Without the guiding hand of Teo Macero [it might not have worked]; the way he edits is just so beautiful. It seems to be so effortless. For Miles who notoriously didn’t trust anybody, for him to put all of his trust into Teo Macero, [to let him] just take this stuff and compile it. He would experiment with tape cutting and splicing, for the concept of that to happen in a jazz format is quite unique. It does break ground and move Miles Davis into a completely different territory to what pretty much everyone else was doing at the time. With Big Fun all the hard edges have been rounded off. It’s not Dark Magus and it’s not Live-Evil; Macero has made this record which is incredibly listenable. It’s a late night record I believe.


Robert Hampson kennen einige von Main oder Loop. Ich interviewte ihn einmal im Herbst 97 in London, im Hauptquartier von 4AD Records. Es war ein interessantes Gespräch über die Arbeit mit Drones und „walls of sound“. Was er hier auf über BIG FUN erzählt, möge nicht nur Gregor bewegen, das Doppelalbum aus dem Plattenschrank zu holen! (me) 

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  1. Uwe Meilchen:

    Neben dem „Big Fun“ Album hoere ich auch gerne das „Get Up With It“ Album — und nicht nur wegen „She Loved Him Madly“…
    Koennte ich wieder mal aus dem Regal nehmen, danke fuer die Anregung ! :-D

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Bei GET UP WITH IT ist auch der Latino-Groove von Maisha hypnotisch.

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