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2013 12 Dez

From The Land To The Sea Beyond

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This is a gem of a film, and I fear I am about to gush; it is one to be savoured with the volume turned up loud, and all possibility of interruption pushed as far away as you can muster without becoming too aggressive. Tracking shots of gulls – how long can that hold my imagination? Plenty, believe me, and this film offers a whole social and economic history of the Isles to boot; all through the lens of what comes in and out of the ports, clips of extraordinary candour – some from the very beginning of the age of moving pictures (face to face with Edwardians, peering proudly, gauchely, at the camera – as though they were looking into a portal directly into the future – which it turns out they were…) and marching forwards to modern day. The editing is seamless, superb, quite breathtaking – unlike most documentary film with know-it-all narration, this one gives you time to think, and feel – and the absence of narration is simply a huge relief, particularly as much of the film was shot without sound. Did I mention the soaring British Sea Power soundtrack? This is a band that ploughs a thoroughly different furrow, and this is marvellous stuff, even for their own high standards – sensitive, stirring, haunting sounds that echo much of their magnificent recorded work, but which is also new, different and perfectly supports the images. Oh, I could go on, but I am off to watch it again instead. (Written by Dickon)

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Der Film bzw die Musik kommt in die erste Ausgabe der Klanghorizonte 2014, es müsste der 4. Januar sein.

    Mit dabei dann: British Sea Power, Harold Budd, Neil Young, Robbie Basho, Stefan Micus, und vielleicht die Kurzbesprechung eines Romans: ORKAN ÜBER JAMAIKA….

    Aber jetzt erstmal, am Samstag um 4.05 Uhr, Jon Hassell und Nils Petter Molvaer.

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