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2013 11 Dez

My last jazz discovery of 2013 is …

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Satelliti – Transister

… not a jazz album per se, Italian duo Satelliti’s Transister is nonetheless keyed-up on Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis and propelled by techno and krautrock rhythms. Fusion perfect for blaring out on an eardrum-bursting soundsystem. Small exaggeration, but one can understand if there would be a kind adivice written on the sleeve: „play it loud!“. Listening to the two sides of the vinyl edition, can seem like a journey back in time, with a completely satisfying  mix of old and new vibes, to that hour that marked your first encounter with „the electric Miles“. There is no trumpet, Transister are inventive. The fun is: if you don’t have any Miles story, Satelliti is nevertheless a killer. (text by thequietus and m.e.)

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