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2013 27 Nov

New Age Music

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Often, it is awful, a waste of time, and you doubt that people who really love this saccharine kind of so-called heavenly music will find anything else but fake satoris. But, in the beginning, in the early years, and at least in the hands of a few artists, you can find excitement and passion. Mike Powell has written a fine review on a collection of, well, archetypal new-age music going back to a time when the term hasn’t been coined yet (s. Review of the Month). If you do despise everything in this genre, well, then stay cool and listen to „The Heavenly Music Corporation“ by Fripp & Eno. It’s fucking dark and a lot more, and it’s definitely not new age music. (In my next edition of  „Klanghorizonte“, on Dec. 7th, you’ll get to know two of these explorers of soundtracks for spiritual awakening, and, be sure, there will be a good counter-balance for that within the same 55 minutes: a horror film soundtrack that has become a classic!)



das Opfer des Trockeneisinstruments

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