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2013 4 Nov

Let The Power Fall

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Mit der Ausnahme seiner Duo-Platte mit Brian Eno, THE EQUATORIAL STARS: was hat Robert Fripp für seichte Gitarren-Improvisationen abgeliefert in den letzten zehn, zwölf Jahren, vorzugsweise in Kirchen, gerne auch mit melodieversessenenen Saxofonisten resp. Flötisten aus der Zuckerbäckerei des soft jazz! Und welch ein Glück, dass mir dieser Tage sein bestes und expressivstes Frippertronics-Album in die Hände fiel, von 1981, eine Schallplatte, leicht verknistert, lange vergriffen: LET THE POWER FALL. Kann man in einem Atemzug nennen mit seinen frühen Duo-Alben mit Brian Eno (NO PUSSYFOOTING und EVENING STAR), und jenem anderen vergessenen Meisterstück, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN (mit David Byrne). A buried treasure indeed! Sogar Down Beat vergab hier einst fünf Sterne! Ich bringe die Platte gleich in die Wäscherei bei meinen Freunden von Klangpunkt, Aachen :)

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Next to „Exposure“, „Let The Power Fall“ has got to be the best Robert Fripp solo cd ever. The cd consists of „Frippertronics“, i.e.: RF’s guitar is wired to two tape machines, one records what he plays and the other plays back what he plays at a slightly lower volume. So the composition begins with one note, and winds out as one huge orchestration. It is designed for relaxation, meditation, Smoke ‚em if you got ‚em, but I digress.

    The album was originally recorded in 1979 and released by EG in 1981. Each composition represents a year beginning with 1984 and winding out with 1989. In 1979, after reading George Orwell’s novel, no one knew what 1984 would be like.
    The beginning track, 1984 in my opinion, is the best track on the cd. It starts with one note, and becomes a rather terrifying, sci-fi-like orchestration.

    Another composition on the cd that sticks with me is „1988“. I remember 1988 and some of the events that happened in my life. It was a year my life changed, not necessarily for the better. My father passing away, falling in love for the first time, and this composition truly speaks to me. A time of great reflection. It starts rather menacing, and when it winds out, I think of „Fantasia“.

    This cd is currently out of print, but there are used copies everywhere. I hope RF and Steven Wilson release this in surround sound, but only time will tell. I strongly suggest you search this one out. It’s worth it!

    – Danny Stamper

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