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2013 15 Sep

A small town nearby the Mississippi

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My goodness, that’s a terrific film. Just got the BluRay two days ago. Only waited for the darkness to fall. Put it in the computer, and was floored. I won’t give away the story. It’s called „Mud“, and I waited for it since I saw the trailer months ago. Jeff Nichols’s exhilarating movie concerns two 14-year-old boys growing up in a small town beside the Mississippi, and it’s impossible while watching it not to think about Huckleberry Finn and Hemingway’s claim for its essential position in the experience of growing up close to the American landscape. And, well, no one writes it down, I do it: the soundtrack is fine and made out of simple tunes, even mainstream tunes. Not that there are  melodies that instantly bewitch you: it’s the art of this soundtrack never to overpower the pictures, and to tell a slightly different story to the one you’re seeing on the screen. Subtly uplifting. Do yourself a favor, and go for this movie!


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  1. R3c.Kid:

    „Mud“ Official Soundtrack Preview – David Wingo + Lucero

  2. Bob:

    Thanks Michael for sharing – the preview looks really good.

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