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The poems by two Norwegian lyricists are sensual explorations and mythical fantasies about the lifes of absent gods. A journey that might even please hard core atheists. A shangrila for agnostics, open ears, lyric lovers and other strangers. Sidsel Endresen is the singer here, not the the speaker. She nearly never sings conventional language. But The listener can detect more torch and passion in her performance than in any well-mannered, recycled love song. The landscape created by the musicians adds to the lyrics another layer, inspires an intimate approach to the verses. The voice of Sylvian in the center, calm, focussed, within these stories about twilight worlds, power, well, the loss of power, and alienation. And it is a voice that knows when to leave the stage for the spirits around him. The album was released in 2012. Great Kristiansand Punkt memory.


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  1. niko:

    ein grandioses album. text + musik verschmelzen zu einem wunderbaren ganzen.

  2. Brian Whistler:

    Sounds like an album worth checking out.

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