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2013 26 Jul

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Charles Ives, Brian Eno

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An unlikely trinity of musical idols, except if you’re Timo Andres. The 27-year-old American composer and pianist weaves all of their DNA into his new album, Home Stretch, and the results provide thought-provoking glimpses into how the past and the present merge in classical music today. Andres terms Paraphrase on Themes of Brian Eno „a 19th-century style ‚orchestral paraphrase‘ on the subject of Eno’s music.“ The result is suffused with dreamy sweetness, but it’s not without its textural quirks, like the steel pans Andres introduces into the mix.

Already an influential force in popular music history, Brian Eno is increasingly gaining recognition from classical composers. As Andres writes, Eno is a composer with „two quite distinct sides: as an innovator who works in ambient and collage music, and as a quirky and crafty pop songwriter. It’s all interesting, but the really amazing things happen when these musical personalities overlap and wear away each other’s surfaces.“ In Paraphrase on Themes of Brian Eno, Andres focuses on Eno’s albums Before and After Science and Another Green World.


Timothy Andres: Paraphrase on Themes of Brian Eno

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Home Stretch will be released on Nonesuch at the end of July.

  2. Gregor:

    Ich habe mir Tinmothy Andres angehört. Richtig interessant klingt das Titekstück `Home Stretch`, die Eno-Paraphrase verlangt vielleicht mehrmaliges Hören, ich persönlich höre Eno lieber im Original!

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Das Orignal ist allemal essentieller. Aber, du sagst es, interessant ist eine solche Verwandlung schon. Ich höre Brian lieber, viel lieber an der Seite von Robert (Wyatt) als an der Seite von Mozart. Wyatt sagt mir ganz persönlich viel mehr als Mozart.

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