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Torres, the debut album from 22-year-old Nashville resident Mackenzie Scott, wreaks its devastation with just her voice and electric guitar, with occasional backing from a slight band. “Fool me once and I won’t make a sound/ Fool me twice, there’s shame to go around,” she sings on “Chains”, a song with the menacing grace of a match being skimmed over a barrel of oil. It ends with her scratching down her instrument’s fretboard as if snapping someone’s spine one vertebrae at a time, before the whole thing implodes with a jerk, Scott seemingly noosed from behind with her own amp cable. The circular, disturbed acoustic rush of “Come to Terms” feels like standing in the middle of a dusty, rumbling freeway, tempting fate; the subdued static warp on closer, suicide ballad “Waterfall”, smuggles a feeling of utterly crushed hopelessness into your gut.

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