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2013 1 Jul

Old pal Ashley from Minnesota praises LET IT BE, though it’s definitely not one of their best…

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First off, this is a must for any album collector simply because of the inclusion of four songs from the infamous, last concert the Beatles ever gave: The Rooftop Concert on January 30th of 1969. These songs being Dig a Pony, I’ve Got a Feeling, One After 909, and Get Back, and you can actually hear the boys singing!
And hey, what’s wrong with the album anyway? „Two of Us“ is just a wonderful song for the emotional Beatles fan, as it has John and Paul harmonizing together with acoustic guitars for the last time ever… racking my brian through the songs on Abbey, and I think that last statement of mine is accurate… „Dig a Pony“ is fun for the Lennon fan, especially his voice in this one– hoarse and involved… .. and of course you’ve got your classics, „Across the Universe“ (which sounds fine to me) „Let It Be“, „Get Back“ and „The Long and Winding Road“ (I think the orchastrizations are wonderful, they make the song all the more poignant… be interesting to hear the song devoid of those violins though, is that on Anthology 3, I wonder?)

I don’t see why so many people put down the acerdic „I Me Mine“– what’s wrong with it? I personally think it’s one of George’s better Beatle efforts… it’s sincere anyway, listen to the bitterness in his voice… and the lyrics– obviously reflecting upon his relations with the other Beatles and recording studio, and the contract… and then that almost chipper chorus comes and saves you from the nadir of George’s depressing rut… I-I Me Me Mine! :-p

I love the short bits– why any Beatle fan would dislike them is beyond me… The Beatles, half the reason they are so popular is because of their overbearing personalities and what shows personality better than „Dig It“ and „Maggie Mae“ Can’t you see them horsing around in the studio? Okay, fine, disregard all the altercations going on at the time– now can you see it? But John’s vocals in „Dig It“ make it notable, and a rare duet between Mr. Lennon and Ringo in „Maggie Mae“ is priceless! Listen to the contrasting voices… do it right now!

„One After 909“ is a fine song, the only pure rock song on this album besides „Get Back“ and a stroll down memory lane, but advanced to the then-current groove the Beats were in… „For You Blue“ is another nice song.

Saving the best song for last, „I’ve Got a Feeling“– how can one not simply CHERISH this song! It’s wonderful! First off, the catchy, vivid, and poignant guitars in the beginning… is that John on rythym there or George? I don’t recall… But then Paul comes in „I’ve got a feeling…“ and his vocals are beautiful and candid– probably because of the high he MUST have gotten from performing live again… He does his bit, then John sings „Everybody’s had a hard time…“ (who can’t like that „Ev’ry had a wet dream“ line?:p) and then, glory of glory, one of the finer moments in the later Beatles albums when John and Paul’s partenership had begun to fade, they both come in and rieterate what they’d just sung– at the same time! You’ve got Paul doing his „I’ve got a feeling“ thing while John’s singing his „Ev’rybody’s…“ Wonderful bliss!!

Buy this album, I feel bouyant just thinking about it– it’s all worth it for that last song… Escasty!

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