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2013 2 Mai

Remix – A vibraphone masterpiece: Walt Dickerson’s „Peace“

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Few cases demonstrate the beauty of Walt Dickerson’s artistry more fluently than this epic date from the mid-1970s, recorded for the Steepelechase label. With nimbly-stepping bassist Lisle Atkinson and drumlord Andrew Cyrille, Dickerson weaves this alluring, beguiling collection of tone poems conjured from the very air of Peace in instrumentally choral motion. Meditative, engaging, intensely beckoning, perceptions and misconceptions alike will be firmly, gracefully challenged with this set of iridescent rhapsodies representing Jazz freedom at its very finest. I discovered this record reading Richard Williams‘ praise in a time The Melody Maker still had great jazz writers, Steve Lake was another one. Both were able to ignore musical boundaries. I was stunned when listening to PEACE for the first time, i’m still stunned, blown away, floored down (gimme me more phrases of being overwhelmed). I still think that that there have been mistakes in the production. Some high-pitched sounds of the vibraphone seem somehow distorted, deep in the red zone, but it fucking doesn’t matter. (Michael F. Hopkins and Michael E.)

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