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2013 18 Apr

Hayden Chisholm’s Treasure Box

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Hayden Chisholm’s musical trajectory has sometimes shot far out of the jazz systems as we know it but “13 Views of the Heart Cargo” is a true tour de force of the New Zealand horn player’s flexibility- whispering with the quietest of Asian instruments and soon after, singing out over a big band. “… loaded with the rich history of Jazz and yet injected with a hint of the bittersweet irony of our time, the sound sometimes fading effortlessly into pure breath. We feel we can hear the very copper of his horn sing out, the wet reed vibrate close to our ears, and the tone has an immediacy that is almost chilling…” (Ahmet Shabo, NYC)

The CD Box of 13 CDs encompasses more than a decade of his recordings and includes 40 other fantastic musicians.

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