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Klanghorizonte – Radionacht – DLF – 13. April 2013, 4.05 Uhr bis 5.00 Uhr – mit Michael Engelbrecht – 1) The Durutti Column: Sketch for Dawn (1), aus LC 2) The Durutti Column: The Act Comitted, aus LC 3) Iron and Wine: Caught in the Briars, aus GHOST ON GHOST 4) Iron and Wine: Singers and the Endless Song, aus GHOST ON GHOST 5) JackDeJohnette: The Gri Gri Man, aus TIN CAN ALLEY (SPECIAL EDITION 4-CD-BOX) 6) Dr. John: Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya, aus GRIS-GRIS 7) Duke Ellington: Bourbon Street Jingling Jollies, aus NEW ORLEANS SUITE 8) Iron and Wine: Winter Prayers, aus: GHOST ON GHOST 9) Iron and Wine: Grass Widows, aus GHOST ON GHOST 10) Eleni Karaindrou: Tom’s Theme, aus CONCERT IN ATHENS 11) Eleni Karaindrou: Laura’s Waltz, aus CONCERT IN ATHENS 12) Eleni Karaindrou: Adagio, aus CONCERT IN ATHENS

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