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2013 3 Mrz

Immortal relicts

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It´s always this: old songs swirling in my mind like grandmother’s feather duster, unforgettable and immortal relicts, re-arising like phoenix from the ashes. One of those songs is „Listening Wind“ which got a great cover by Peter Gabriel and, in the upcoming days, will be covered by me and my moevenpicking. In the morning I tried to learn playing the song „Valentine’s Day“ from the new Bowie Album, including a tricky picking-stylish acoustic guitar. Also a song by Joanna Newsom has once to be covered: „´81“ from the album Have One On Me. It´s a bit like an irish folk tune. But while going on a bike ride today through lower saxony landscapes – with fantastic views under a huge sky and the air smells of liquid manure (also a relict from my childhood in the countryside), an old Manfred Mann tune came into my mind (it often does when i´m feelin great)

The Mighty Quinn

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1 Comment

  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Ha! Ha! Said The Clown, is my number 38:) – and, from the time when pop music still hadn’t lost its innocence, there is number 95: Winchester Cathedral (I can still whistle the tune).

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