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2013 11 Feb

Old dreams, new dreams: the new album of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds gets reactions

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Michael E: After listening to the album on and falling in love with two songs immediately (the opening song and „Finishing Jubilee Street“) and knowing there’s still much to discover, I read Luke Turner’s review at which is offering a similar kind of of freshness and intelligence that will make PUSH THE SKY AWAY a long-time companion. And, yes, the two sides of Nick Cave are hanging together here: the ballads (far away from the business-as-usual kind), and the raw energy (that can be felt on lots of places in these songs, as a power and a menace that could explode at every moment, so to speak).

Mr. Anonymous: Another Nick Cave album that ceases to have anything to say,how much longer are we to indulge Cave and his bourgeois phoney angst musings? Its become a formulaic perennial conveyerbelt of plaintive introspection and meaningless rawkus tired rock cliches. Why release this diluted going through the motions pap? if you’ve got nothing to say why bother?I listened to it once and smashed it against the wall,why would i want to listen to this vapid self indulgent middle class Brighton fucking shit? The cover hints at the emptiness of the content and Caves insipid risible latterday product. Stick to shopping in Waitrose Nick in your nice jeans,i no longer wish to pay for your tasty ready meals anymore

Michael E: Mr. Anonymous! Always interesting to see someone coming along with a wholly different perception. I’m not a follower or fan, and there have been records of The Seeds I didn’t like too much. I didn’t like his Murder Ballads, and even the highly praised Boatman’s Call is not my cup of Darjeeling first flush. But Nocturama is! So, the new one is brilliant in some ways, and not the usual „procedere“. The musical textures are rich and beyond well-trodden paths.

Carpathian: I’ve no idea how anybody (yes, I mean you Mr/Mrs/Miss Anonymous) could take this album as any sort of business as usual in the Bad Seeds camp. I’ve not heard them sound so refreshed and vital for a good few releases. The space in the music is crackling with intent and the lyrics are wonderfully evocative & yet just obtuse enough to intrigue. Off the back of a handful of listens it is indeed up there with Old Nick & Co’s best efforts to date. Couldn’t be happier or, thankfully, more pleasantly surprised with where they’ve pushed their sound. (source:

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