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2013 2 Feb

Calle 7

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„Calle 7, a standout track inspired by a walk down Seventh Avenue, is an irresistibly swinging song that manages to be both meditative and to capture the urgent streetlife. It’s a little classic.“ (John Fordham, The Guardian)


Listening to Lagrimas Mexicanas one can imagine how a beautiful fusion of latin music and jazz sounds like on guitars. Often tried but mostly lost in trivial and pleasant candy-sweet-beauty, this collaboration of Bill Frisell and Vinicius Cantuária makes a difference and could be referential on that claim. Mister Frisell is a well-versed craftsman on his instrument, always setting contrapoints and avoiding to confirm cliches on his electric and acoustic guitars, also progamming loops here. Señor Cantuária is not famous for having a brilliant voice but his singing is a convenient companion while playing his percussion and acoustic guitars. Title song Lagrimas Mexicanas, furtheron Calle 7 and opener Mi Declaration were my favourite tunes of that album, often heard in 2011, the year of its release.


„Calle 7“ – LAGRIMAS MEXICANAS ©2011 Bill Frisell & Vinicius Cantuária

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