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2012 28 Dez

What will happen on this site before the end of 2012?

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Not much, you might think. Well, I don’t know. It’s an unspoken rule here (with rare exceptions) that no one knows what anyone will publish, and when. Maybe Bob will tell a story about the „cowboy in Sweden“, Mr. Lee Hazlewood, but I think the probability is low. Or Gregory will write what happened when I sent him, years ago, a totally new Robert Wyatt record (one of his fave musicians – he is not a fulltime „Bachomaniac“:) – to his holiday town in France, and he couldn’t open his mail box. The events took a dramatic turn. But he must tell himself. The writer Elizabeth Hand sent me an email today (she was just on her way to a surprise party for the 80th birthday of her mother) that she would write something about her desert island records. And I’m sure that will happen before the last hours of 2012. She is one of my discoveries of this year, AVAILABLE DARK is such a brilliant thriller. And I’m totally curious. That woman has definitely a connection with music. And, apart from that, you will see a fantastic performance of a heartbreaking song from a yet unknown band: a man comes through the snow, and you hear him singing from the distance long seconds before you see his face. He joins a woman and another man with a guitar. They go into a church. A piano player is waiting for them. And then you will definitely look at their faces when their way of shouting out loud seems to be the only way to prevent a collective nervous breakdown. Call it cathartic. There is a lot of darkness available in this song.

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