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2012 6 Dez

Winged Eel Dingaling: The Bish Bosch Controversy

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Winged Eel Dingaling
I used to pay lip service to „Climate“ and afterwards bullshit but that’s just silly pop provincialism … Scott is fucking TRITE no matter how many „heavy“ literary influences he flaunts; open ya’ll’s ears to real deal 20th & 21st century modernism and late Scott is nut just unnecessary but painfully SILLY. Only in the blinkered pop/rock-centric view could this be thought otherwise. Some people should never be allowed to listen to Bernd Alois Zimmermann (or Frank Zappa!) records, they can’t handle it, and Scott is one.

Michael Engelbrecht
(In reply to Winged Eel Dingaling:) Hello, stranger! I am one of these high brow idiots who love this fantastic album. I am one of these arrogant eggheads who think it belongs to a future canon of classics of the 21st century. I am one of these narrow-minded pseudo-intellectual mind-fuckers who think that Joe Keenedy’s review may be the best review I read in a long time. And you know why? He took another road to the world of The Walker, a road that linked his early days and his later albums in a new way. This might be of no interest for you. Okay. „Some people should never be allowed to …“, so starts one of your sentences. I am deeply impressed. Do you really believe the nonsense you are writing, buddy?

Winged Eel Dingaling
(In reply to Michael Engelbrecht:) But you’re NOT high brow – like Scott no many how many Ligeti, Berio or Kurtag records he wanks to, you’re a pop sod who willfully ignores a at least a century of voice + instruments modernism …
Wow, Scott Walker discovered Celan … heavy! When you discover Hugo Wolf, tell me so I can stand back while your head explodes. There’s nothing wrong with „liking“ this turgid gruel but the claims made for it by people woefully ignorant of its many superior antecedents are laughable. (Humor being something Oh So Serious Scott lost 30 years ago, oh the pain of the world my Delius loving arse.)

Michael Engelbrecht
(In reply to Winged Eel Dingaling:) Oh, oh, you’re a bit wrongfooted. I know Hugo Wolf quite well, and no head would be exploding in case we arrange a meeting. So keep cool, green tea helps! Maybe you should buy a splasher movie in your local dvd store. Sometimes they use Penderecki in the soundtracks, buddy. Another kind advice: be a bit careful with the things other people you don’t know might ignore: it’s a cheap rhetoric strategy that costs you even the smallest amount of credibility. You’re blood pressure okay? Fine. sincerely, your pop sod!


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