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2012 25 Nov

The Blue Nile

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„There is only one person this reviewer knows who dislikes this album and he drives a Subaru, supports Man U and thinks James Blunt is brilliant. What greater recommendation could you have to get „Hats“?“

The story of the cerebral ’80s pioneers.

The story is told in the January issue of UNCUT.

It was a hot summer day when I was in Hamburg for two interviews with Jan Garbarek and the German group Kante. In between the two dates, I heared that Paul Buchanan was in town, too, to promote a new Blue Nile record. With some luck I met him for a short 20 minute conversation, the last one of a long day where journalists tried to reveal the magic factor of these specialists of Glasgewian melancolia. It was easy to talk with Paul about the quiet side of life, the moments where time is suspended and the world adopts the colours of an Edward Hopper painting.

p.s.: Yesterday our man on Glasgow, Ian McCartney, told me that there is a new Harold Budd record to be released in these days. Seems to be a bit different. Modern chamber music on acoustic instruments. I’m sure it will nevertheless be vintage Budd. You can always listen to The Blue Nile and Harold Budd records in every possible sequence. You can never go wrong. Nice way to make time go by a bit slower. And, well, the perfect link is Paul’s new song and piano album, MID AIR. (me)

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