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2012 24 Okt

Brian Eno’s LUX: first and second listening experiences

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Looking back. Big Problem. Got the Eno promo copy weeks before its release. At this time i could not listen to it without starting to sleep, maximum 25 minutes of listening time. The problem was I was on drugs. Legal drugs. Downers. You cannot hold your attention high when Bromodiazepam is floating through your body. i took these drugs not because I was in a state of panic, agoraphobic, grieving. No, I was suffering from queasiness. And some, not so nice, related symptoms. Everyday. Over weeks. Pure horror. It was psychosomatic. These drugs were a gift from heaven. I knew they can produce addiction. So I had to be careful with heaven’s nice offer. The symptoms vanished immediately. I was cured within 9 days. But I had to pay another price. I could not enjoy Brian’s new album, I was definitely not in the right mood. Looking forward: Now we have November, and I am feeling fine. i listened to LUX for the first time with clear senses, and it is beautiful. I played it on air, and two night workers came into my studio asking: what a wonderful music! They were so right.

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