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2012 20 Aug

Kleiner Nachtrag zu „Cut The World“

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„Soaring over the top of each track is Hegarty himself, for even as his piano is folded into the general arrangements, his voice rises tall and strong, whether whispering sadly about lost relationships and deep pain, or crying out at the injustice and unfairness of the world, or shouting out for acceptance and love. In “Future Feminism,” he describes his music as being a sort of constant cry to heaven, and never is this more apparent than on the breathtaking climaxes to “Cripple and the Starfish” or “Epilepsy.” In a few words, such as “You are my sister / and I love you,”Hegarty conveys more emotion in his voice than most singers manage in a career. It’s enough to make one jealous of the Danish audience who witnessed these performances. Oh, and cherry on the cake, the studio-recorded “Cut the World” is one of his most beautiful songs, a defiant ballad that is both familiar in scope and startling in its aching delivery.“ (dusted reviews)

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