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2012 26 Jun

Any Go-Betweens-Lovers Out There?

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Yes, the Band. From Brisbane, Australia. Once upon a time. You remember? „Cattle and Cane“. Grant dying so young, Robert finishing Grant’s last three songs for THE EVANGELIST. Heartbreaking. They had never been interested in noise or feedback drones. They were looking for pure songs and melodies. With a twist. With undercurrents. Melancolia, sunbathed. Or rain. They wrote the best song about rain since Creedence Clearwater Revival. SPRING RAIN. Passion and understatement. Great lyrics all over the place. A good record to start with: SPRING HILL FAIR.

In a few days Ex-Go-Be’s Adele Pickvance and Glenn Thompson will release an album: CARRINGTON STREET. Glenn’s voice sometimes sounds a bit like Grant’s. In this case these are good news. They are looking for pure songs and melodies. A small delight for at least some people. With twists. With undercurrents. Okay, it is a more lighthearted affair. With some good humour inside. My favourite song: „Grey Suits“. Low key, never going for the grand scale. I’m a man with a very limited taste: I would always prefer the Go-Betweens or CARRINGTON STREET when having the choice to listen to Beethoven instead.

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  1. slov:

    And any news about a new Robert Forster-Record ??
    4 years is a long time ! Writer’s block ?

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    He is slowly working on a new one. No hurry, no writer’s block.

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