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(live stream:, May 14th, 21.05 – 22.00)

Per Jorgensen doesn´t belong to the young guys anymore. But he´s still (don´t ask me why) a well-kept secret. A fantastic trumpet player, and a great singer. I remember his contributions to “Ice Music”of Terje Isungset, or “Psalms and Folk Songs”, a Cd of Markku Ounaskari and Samuli Mikkonen (on ECM). Now he was freely improvising with Jan Bang and Danish perussionist Marilyn Mazur. 45 minutes of sound searching, with a lot of things to discover on the way. Time flew. Jan Bang mirroring and transforming some percussive overtones, and it was like a natrural extension of the sound. Marilyn was having fun, acting intuitively. Sometimes she seemed to smile when listening to the serene and surreal singing of Per. A music of high dynamics, subtle events and playful passion. Manfred Eicher should listen to the tapes and invite them to Oslo´s Rainbow studio some time in the future.

Konzerthinweis: MAZUR / BANG – Duo beim Jazzfest Eberswalde, 18. Mai

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  1. Joey Sample:

    Schönes Konzert. Erinnerte teilweise an Codona. Eine Studioproduktion in dieser Formation wäre wünschenswert. Es lebe die Schamanenmusik! ;)

  2. sylvia dora:

    one little hour finest budenzauber!

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