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2012 4 Feb

Burnt Friedman: Bokoboko

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Ten beguiling and open-ended instrumentals – over three years in the making – on Friedman’s fourth full length for his own NonPlace imprint. Burnt’s sound is much beloved of everyone from the Hardwax crew to Shackleton, and it’s very easy to hear why – he’s faithfully perpetuating the original, outernational spirit of krautrock which so heavily influenced much of the music they, and we, love today. Aided by his circle of Nu Dub Players – Daniel Schröter (Bass), Hayden Chisholm (Reeds), Joseph Suchy (Electric Guitar) – plus David Franzke’s field recordings and Takeshi Nishimoto on Sarod (classical Indian stringed instrument similar to Sitar) they jam on ten intently focussed grooves, fluidly blending and bending electronic and organic sources into involving, hypnotic patterns with an almost telepathic sense of intuition.

But it’s Burnt’s name at the top and it’s him who dominates proceedings, carving intricate, malleable, darting rhythms from an array of prepared percussions – gongs, pans, wood and metal barrels – and matching/complementing their resonant timbres with homemade rubberband guitar, organ and synths and electric guitar. With all these sources, he acts as a conduit at the mixing desk, gelling and diffusing the elements to create new land, lilting miniature topographies which are finally rendered and optimised by Rashad Becker at D&M. Fans of wider scoped sounds from Can to Shackleton should check this. (source: Boomkat)


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