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„How Gentle“ (from: Viscera, Label: Rune Grammofon)

Her evocative surrealistic language is planted in a lush backdrop of zither, guitar and church organ (played by Hval herself), more guitars by Håvard Volden and drums by Kyrre Laastad. The record as a whole is a finely sculpted construction. Fragile melodic lasercut patterns are set against an earthly beat of tambourine and bass drum, giving the album a folky drive… Hval is steeped in the magic of words, having written a novel, an academic dissertation (about Kate Bush) as well as poems, beside her musical outings as founder of avant pop group Rockettothesky and the duo Meshes Of Voice with Susanna Wallumrød. „Viscera“ forms part of a prolific artist´s growing body of work, and manages a rare thing: to be a stunning achievement both conceptually and musically.
The Wire (UK)

„Viscera“ was inspired by „The Story Of O“ and the opening lines will draw attention: I arrived in town with an electric toothbrush pressed against my clitoris“. Having also written full-lenght prose and for the stage, Hval´s imagery is rich, from the secret milk between lips to the hair that slowly melts to piss. Collaborating here with normally improvising musicians brings the feel of „Lorca“-era Tim Buckley. „Viscera“´s structured songs are accessible though, and some even rock („Portrait Of The Young Girl As an Artist“). „Blood Flight“´s melody is affectingly devotional. Disconcerting and seductive, „Viscera“ resonates astonishingly. 4/5.
Mojo (UK)


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