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2011 22 Okt

Ride Rise Roar

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Long Time after the stunning Life In The Bush Of Ghosts, Brian Eno and David Byrne again collaborated and Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (2008) was the result.

There is this Funky Beat, and it sounds like Soul, when Byrne sings like an angry Baptist preacher on „I Feel My Stuff, one of the songs of this album. Make a Bike-Ride, take a Night-Flight into outer areas or along the noisy Highways, where noone can hear you,  and then shout: „You got to hold the peelings in your hands, Baby!“ – like David Byrne does, with this feeling of a white black man:

The fiercest cat
the hottest sun
the meanest dog
and the fastest gun
You got to hold the peelings in your hands, baby …

It’s a little bit
it’s a lot inside
it’s a bigger thing than YOU can hide
I took away the parts that need controlling – shoot!

Long time after the stunning Stop Making Sense, Jonathan Demmes film about a Talking Heads performance, David Byrne again is demonstrating: besides being a singer, songwriter and musician, he also is a brilliant entertainer with  qualities in acting, cabaret, dancing and choreography.

RIDE RISE ROAR is a live concert film that until to now i´ve only seen in parts, but these parts were impressive. Sometimes pleasant anticipation is a greater joy than fullfilled desires are – like imagination is often better than reality. But i´m up to see it in it´s entire package.


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