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2011 5 Sep

A List of Adventurers of Punktfestival 2011

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You are never alone on these journeys through sound. There are a lot of people who came from far away, music lovers, people who  left „California Hotel“  just in time, people  who believe in a future of music that is more than dead recycling of a pasttime paradise. To live up to new dreams you´ll have to stop hanging on to the old ones. This is the only way to teach old dogs some new tricks. So here we are in the years,  talking (with a heart) on airplanes,  rainy streets, boat trips, thank you  for sharing musical childhood memories – or putting on late night tango music on the hills of Kristiansand. 

Here is a very, very  uncomplete list of sonic Punkt adventurers:

Terje Paulsen (the „Cindy Talker“; we both love the new album of  CINDYTALK, he´s a friend since year one of Punkt)

Christoph Giese (master of quiet snapshots;  one of the guys who can make you laugh out loud at every moment)

Rune Kristoffersen (who told me about  forthcoming ace music of Norwegian duo ALOG on his label Rune Grammofon; Rune has written, by the way,  the most funny and revealing liner notes I´ve read in a long time, about his years with the post-pop-punk-band FRA LIPPO LIPPI; great reissue-box on Rune Grammofon out now)

Stefan Hentz (anybody knew this sophisticated jazzman has loved the Sex Pistols in their salad days? Those salad days were, in fact,  short and dark)

Madli Liis-Parts (the woman from Tallin has been  a lovely and intelligent presence throughout the festival, we had great times at breakfast)

Dirk Tholenaar (shooting great photos all day and all night long)

Frank Palumbo (a Security Man who transported (with great care) the vinyl-version of  Arve Henriksen´s masterpiece CARTOGRAPHY as part of his hand baggage)

Fiona Talkington (who tried so hard to get the name Atsushi Fukui right)

John Kelman (The Talking Machine, a future One-Day-Kongsberg jazz festival curator, and a man who  (for reasons I will never understand)  loves this fucklingly boring new Pat Metheny solo guitar album:)

Guy Sigsworth (who made me keen to listen to an unknown song of Björk, „I´m So Broken“, Björk with two Flamenco guitarists, and a nearly collapsing voice)

My car driver from Punkt  (a warmhearted guy from Ostfriesland who came to Kristiansand, found his love,  and never really left)


„the things not told are always the best“  

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