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2011 24 Jul

Rick Holland / Brian Eno

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Mythological Images

„These two rooms gather together iconographic motifs that appear heterogenerous, but which constitute important thematic nuclei in the organisation of Renaissance collections of antiquities.“

„The sculptures found here evoke a variety of thematic elements, but lack a precise definition because their specific subjects have not been identified.“

Two extracts from explanatory wall-notes at the Archaelogical Museum in Naples. I wondered how deeply entrenched these ideas of organisation and classification were when considering art of any kind, and whether it was important to precisely identify thematic elements at all. What will people make of our contemporary music in 2,000 years, what will be the elements that are identifiable? And what aspects of our artistic expressions now might be grouped together as a ‚collection of antiquities‘?  (posted by Rick Holland)

Brian Eno responded:

I find it increasingly annoying that museums feel impelled to tell you what you’re looking at while you’re looking at it. I think displays should be arranged differently: so that you can just look and draw your own conclusions and then, if you choose to, see what the Museum has to say about it. I imagine beside each exhibit a little cupboard door which you can open and which contains supplementary material.
I went to the Royal Academy yesterday to see the extraordinary show of early 20th century Hungarian photography. I found myself deliberately not reading the titles of the pictures before I looked at them – taking a good long look and deciding what I thought I was seeing before reading the card below. That was hard to do – I had to sort of shield my eyes – but it was worth it. Contrast it with The Summer Show in the same building: nearly a thousand paintings, each with only a number beside it (and a booklet if you really want to know who did what). It’s a MUCH better way of looking at things, free of text and interpretation.

In July 2011 Brian Eno finished the album ‚Drums Between the Bells‘ with the poet Rick Holland. Re-view is an ongoing dialogue between the two about the project, drawing on material from interviews, reviews, features and listener comments

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