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2011 18 Jul


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So fucking altmodisch, und letztlich eine meiner liebsten altmodischen Platten aller Zeiten. Was für eine Geisterstunde, save it for a rainy day!  So viele Ohrwürmer, so viele Nostalgieattacken, so viele Lieder für die Replay-Taste, so viel Gegenwart, die es zu retten gilt. Peace out!


Rainy Day Music


Jayhawks – „Save It For A Rainy Day“ (YouTube)

(das Video ist vielleicht ein bisschen, äh, amerikanisch)


A.J. Williams, a long-time fan of the Jayhawks, wrote a review on „They say that most artists have one great record in them and that they tread water from then on in, trying to recapture that elusive ’something‘. I remember hearing Hollywood Town Hall, buried under my first job, playing in bad bar bands and thinking things mattered more than they did. I also remember listening to the opening riffs of waiting for the sun, the fuzz pedal illuminating a staccato drawl and being hit by how pure the harmony was and how easy they made it sound. The Jayhawks were my big secret – living in the UK they hardly got mass media attention – and they were where I went to escape. Songs that made you feel something.
The first bars of Stumbling through the Dark, the simple chord progression, the layers of instrumentation building up until the drums kick in then the voices holding it all together, harmony and counter harmony. And the one thing that rings out is the simplicity of it all. A great production, open and clear allows the instruments to come through separate but together.
All the reviews I’ve read rely on other bands as markers. It sounds like the Burrito’s, it sounds like the Eagles, and it’s the Byrds, CSNY revisited. It’s all of these but more importantly it’s the Jayhawks. That’s not to say references can’t be made. Marc Perlman’s bass lines could have come straight from John Wesley Harding era Dylan. The guitar on SarahJane out Keefs Keith Richards. One Man’s problem has a Stones swagger to it. Don’t let the world get in your way draws heavily on Bowie but takes Major Tom to a bar and gets him drunk on good whiskey and makes him empty his heart.
But when people have to use comparisons drawn from the past, it’s because they don’t sing songs like these anymore. And these are songs – not samples or compressed theft from others with more talent. They’ll get into your head and into your heart and you’ll carry them with you gladly. These are songs of hotel rooms, early mournings, last and lost chances, faces and names gone but not forgotten. And the beauty of them is that they aren’t so specific to mean one thing to one person only. They’ll end up being reference points on your rainy days. Hollywood Town Hall will always be my sentimental favourite Jayhawks album. Trouble my favourite song. But Rainy Day Music has memory in it that you’ll make your own. This isn’t the sound of a band treading water. They’re walking on it. Superb.“  

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