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2011 18 Jun

Rick Holland: Trafalgar

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The poem is spoken by Rick Holland, the music is definitely not by Brian Eno. The music works okay here, though it is not essential. The nighttime atmosphere of London is much more captured by the video and the moody voice of Holland who slows his voice down a bit and doesn´t fall into the trap of giving it a noirish or over-romantic touch.

Rick Holland just emailed me this about the poem: – Ah, Trafalgar…Yann Tiernan is the music, it was exactly the same length as the audio file i used and so played next on my ‚itunes‘ (which were ordered by ‚length of track‘ strangely), sparking the idea to merge them…the reading was recorded as a way of getting the ideas down, a long time ago! It is certainly not a performance, which again is why i like it I think.

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1 Comment

  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Mein Interview via Email-Fragen mit Rick Holland zu seiner Lyrik und seiner Zusammenarbeit mit Brian Eno an der CD „Drums Between The Bells“ wird bei den Manafonistas ca. Anfang Juli zu lesen sein.

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