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The Eivind Aarset 4_tet: Phantasmagoria



Pearl Hunter (music clip)


I really try hard to not write what I’m about to write now, but sitting with Norwegian friends in the fantastic PUNKT concert venue on the 8th floor of Hotel Norge in Kristiansand, Nick (originally from Australia, finally someone knowing The Go-Betweens) and Marte and Hank and Sten (kudos!) – doing no air guitar, but some kind of miniaturized body percussion with hands and legs mirroring the double drumming on stage – the quartet working the limits, and, yes, this old saying, shooting some stars from the sky without making a big fuzz about it. And didn‘t Fiona Talkington make some great introductions  from her nature reserve in Reading bringing up front the magic of „thin places“!? Two drummers, the bass player, the guitar. In the words of Brian Morton, from The Wire’s Octobert edition, „the sound of a working band who‘ve thrown away the maps, and really don‘t know the end of the journey.


(Michael Engelbrecht)

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