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2018 6 Mai

A touch of Lauren Bacall

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Linda Fioretino is a hot shot in John Dahl‘s brilliant and quite low-budget thriller The Last Seduction (1993). A true amazon on the dark side of things, cold humour, cold heart, extremely manipulative and hot sex. The  company wanted a sexploitation movie, but what they got was an art movie with thrills and long goodbyes. A role model for assertive behaviour Linda surely was: if women forget about the sociopath aspect, she can really encourage boldness. I saw one of the „behind the scenes“-shootings: as everybody was preparing for a scene, Linda Fiorentino was just kissing young Bill Pullman. Really pressed her lips on his for quite a time. Out of the moment, just for fun. No instructions – by instinct only. She laughed. Impressive.


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