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Harlan Coben: In deinem Namen




„Harlan Coben is a folk poet of the suburbs and his well-tuned new mystery, DON’T LET GO (In Deinem Namen) shows why. The plot reaches back to the 1950s, when the nice little town of Westbridge, like so many other nice little towns all across America, had its very own Nike missile base. The Conspiracy Club, a grandly named “secret society” organized by a group of high school friends in the late 1990s, was obsessed with the installation and why it was shut down in 1974. Years later, some members of the club are still obsessed with the missile base, which they suspect was the scene of government experiments involving LSD.

Coben does his usual professional job on the central mystery, which involves the violent deaths of a detective’s brother and the brother’s girlfriend, but his greater talent lies in his warmhearted descriptions of life in places like Westbridge. Standing by the basketball courts in front of the high school, the detective, who also serves as the narrator, meditates on “the sweet echo of a ball against asphalt at twilight” and this “thing of beauty called ‘pickup basketball.’ ” That kind of writing is what we call poetry, and it falls on the ear like the sounds of summer.“

(Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review)

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