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Agatha Christie: Five Little Pigs




Surely another time travel experience, this book has been published in 1943. A long time ago, Caroline Crale died in prison while serving a life sentence for poisoning her husband. Her daughter asks Hercule Poirot to investigate a possible miscarriage of justice, and he approaches the other five suspects. So, what seems to be the usual whodunnit in a very British tradition, is in fact a tricky beast, a multi-layered and  sublime novel, a subtle and ingenious detective story, an elegiac love story and a masterful example of storytelling technique, with five separate accounts of one devastating event. Maybe Christie’s greatest achievement. I did never read a novel in a day or within 24 hours, bit this one was one of my few experiences of living in a book on a long weekend, from the opening page to the last twist. It transported me back to my teenager days in which Agatha Christie, in her own charming ways, had been equally present as, let‘s say, Emma Peel. Hope the German translation lives up to the original.

(Michael Engelbrecht)


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