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Cigarettes After Sex: Cry




While the general consensus seems to be that Cigarettes After Sex is very likely one of the worst band name ever imagined, the El Paso group’s dream pop floats above such concerns. Cigarettes After Sex have since furthered their sound with more romance, heartache and exploration of sexuality. When the compositions had already took shape, they allowed themselves the luxury to spend two years curating their lyrics during late night strolls on several holidays in Mallorca. Nonchalant, innocent and simply just mesmerising, ‚Cry‘ is pure from beginning to end and is a pleasant second instalment from the Texas three-piece. The singer, and not knowing anything, dear reader,  you start to wonder,  if it’s a he or she, anyway,  the singer sees the record as a film, and for all the good reasons. There’s a sense of a plot unfolding with each track, not that far away to the mini-narratives – random sexual encounters and misadventures – that formed a collection of cinematic vignettes for their self-titled debut in 2017. But here  we have a slow-motion romance that would very well fit to the darker places of „Twin Peaks“. Or, a bit more modest  nearly everything here sounds predesigned for drone-shot driving sequences in a slowburning indie film, but in a very good way. Even “Hentai”, referencing the Japanese anime form of pornography, feels like a meditation on love and sexuality in the 21st century: “Beautiful hearts are in your eyes,” Gonzalez sings, making you wonder whether the girl he’s singing to is, in fact, a cartoon on-screen fantasy. All things considered, Ambient pop may be a crowded field but, against the odds, Cigarettes After Sex and their unique characteristics are unmistakable.   The reward comes with repeated listens as each song stands up on its own merits – haunting and hypnotic. They may have a few credos, one being: stop playing chords, dammit, we need spidery guitar lines! After all, Cigarettes After Sex may be not a totally awful name, and, once getting used to it, may offer sense and sensuality. No smoking required. It‘s a mood thing.


assembled by words, sighs and smiles from Roisin O‘Connor, Laviea Thomas, Tom Doyle, Amanda Stock, Michael Hann, and Michael Engelbrecht


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