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Burnt Friedman & Joao Pais Filipe: Mechanics of Waving

It is always a pleasure to get a package from Rua Miguel Bombarda, where the  Nonplace office of Porto has its space. In this case the pleasure is stunning. A thrill. A ride. Vol. 1 of „Automatic Music“. The E.P., delivered in 45rpm,  is around 24 minutes long – no second wasted!




With the words of Nonplace HQ: Since 2018 João Pais Filipe (on drums) and Burnt Friedman (electronics/synth) investigate into automatic pattern–composition rooted in doubling and halving; the unimpeachable laws of motion

The offer of freedom can be seen as a way to get in touch with necessity. On „Mechanics Of Waving“ the attempt is made to succumb to such a mode of action, the drilling of a method, not through individual cunning or displayed musicianship.  

Through constant practise Friedman & Pais discover the principles of rhythmic phenomena while dis–associating the music from cultural idioms. Inspired by rare infrasound–ratios ranging from 11 to 23, Nonplace releases the results of a 4 years long operation. 



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