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Tunng: Dead Club


“Lay you on my kitchen table/ Cut you open tenderly” isn’t an obvious opening line for a record about death, but Tunng’s seventh album is impressively wayward. Part of a bigger project exploring grief, including a podcast, it dissects how death affects us in jarring, fascinating ways. Opener Eating The Dead is about the Wari people of Brazil who do literally that. SDC, a song about the emptying of a late person’s house, details surprising detritus (“A bath of baby clothes/A box of old dildos”). There are also tales of folk horror (Three Birds), fentanyl and dehydration (Man), and many collaborations, including with novelist Max Porter, whose novel Grief Is The Thing With Feathers was a formative influence. Proceedings occasionally veer towards earnestness, but gorgeous textures of clarinets, guitars and synthesizers keep the project bracingly alive.


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