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Rip Hayman: Waves Real And Imagined





Archival and new work from student of John Cage, Ravi Shankar and Philip Corner: Rip Hayman. Pastoral multitracked flute music on one side and chilly nautical field recordings on the other: quite lovely.


‚Waves: Real and Imagined‘ is another solid release from Sean McCann’s Recital imprint. A founding editor of Ear Magazine and boss of NYC’s oldest bar, Hayman is a fascinating character. This release collects a piece he recorded back in 1977, a decade before his debut „Dreamsound“, and pairs it with a piece he recorded last year.  The two compositions work astonishingly well together. ‚Waves for Flutes‘ is calming and delicate, with multi-tracked flutes reminding fondly of Mary Jane Leach or Hayman’s Recital labelmate Sarah Davachi. The track sits completely out of time, sounding as transcendent and otherworldly as ambient music and as spiritually rousing as sacred music. ‚Seascapes‘ achieves a similar goal, but uses only environmental recordings. Hayman recorded it in two sessions last year on the Pacific ocean, and the fizz of the waves effortlessly lull us into a meditative state. It’s not far from Irv Teibel’s iconic „Environments“ recordings, and that’s about the highest praise we can give. Recommended.


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