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Mindhunter (season 2)


„Unfassbar eindringlich. Der Thrill ist beträchtlich, alle „action“ auf ein Minimum reduziert. Wäre ich der „Gong“, ich gäbe alle sechs Würfelpunkte!“ (Michael Engelbrecht)





The long-awaited second season of David Fincher’s “Mindhunter” affirms the program as Netflix’s strongest drama. Even more ambitious and mesmerizing than the first season, this nine-episode installment concerns something that crime programs rarely ever attempt to capture: the fact that we can never know exactly every detail and motive. If the first season was about a team of people trying to find a better way to profile murderers, the second is about how much will always remain unknown. Fincher and his writers very purposefully filter the fictional part of their story through cases with variables that remain divisive to this day, especially that of the Atlanta Child Murders, for which Wayne Williams was convicted but many consider unsolved in its entirety. If season one was about trying to get closer to certainty, season two is about the truth that doubt will always remain. Doubt that the murderer didn’t get away; doubt that we can truly know our partners or children; doubt that anyone can ever be certain of the size of the gap between us and the dark side.

(Brian Tallerico)

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