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2022 1 Mai

My 15 favourite albums 2022 (so far)

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One of the magic tricks of Jon Balke‘s „Hafla“ is the handling of time. I mean, come on, poems, thousand years old, and translated in modern day English, they sound like simple gestures from everyday life, open for a look to the stars, daydreaming included. Simple as that. These songs all have the length of singles, and, like following an unwritten rule, Jon Balke and his collaborators just ignore any kind of ornamentation or excursion. By just sticking to a song‘s essence, they achieve a beautiful paradox: each track is packed with ideas, nevertheless transparent in every second. How can something overflowing and passionate be so up to the point, so crystalline, so calm? Longing and loss in equal measure, and lyrics from eternities ago that could easily be written, in certain moods by, well, Leonard Cohen or Robert Burns.

01) Jon Balke & Siwan: Hafla (-) /  02) Alabaster dePlume: Gold (2) 03) Oded Tzur: Isabela (-) / 04) Father John Misty: Chloé And The Next 20th Century (-) 05) Avishai Cohen Quartet: Naked Truth (1) / 06) Toechter: Zephyr (-) / 07) Group Listening: Clarinet and Piano – Selected Works, Vol. 2 (4) / 08) David Virelles: Nuna (-) / 09) Roger Eno: The Turning Year (3) / 10) Imarhan: Aboogi (7) / 11) Kreidler: Spells and Daubs (6) / 12) John Scofield: Solo (-) / 13) Ches Smith: Interpret It Well  (-) / 14) Horace Andy: Midnight Rocker (-) / 15) Joona Toivanen Trio: Both Only (5)


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