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2021 25 Jul

„JazzFacts“ – Deutschlandfunk, August 5th

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OTON (1) – Marc Johnson

Text 1 –

OTON (2) – Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson: Nardis, from Overpass

Text  2

Feature 1: Solo clarinet: „Light Line“ by Chris Speed (Bert Noglik) 

Text 3 

OTON (3) – Dan Nicholls

Dan Nicholls: Mattering and Meaning

Text 4

Don Cherry: „Festival De Jazz De Chateauvallon 1972“

Text 5

ENDE TEIL 1 – Ende Freitag

Feature 2: „Organic Music Societies“ (Karl Lippegaus) *



Text 6

OTON (4) – Maridalen

Maridalen: from Maridalen (Jazzland)
Nils Petter Molvaer: Stitches 

Talking 7

Feature 3: „What are you listening to?“ – Eva Klesse“ (Hendrika Entzian)


ENDE TEIL 2 – Ende Samstag


Talking 8 

OTON (5) – Marc Johnson

Marc Johnson: Samurai Fly,  from Overpass (VÖ: 26.8.)

OTON (6) – Marc Johnson




* Archival documents and new writings on the intermedia collaborations of avant-garde jazz trumpeter Don Cherry and textile artist Moki Cherry) -Don Cherry and Moki Karlsson met in Sweden in the late ’60s. They married and began to perform together, dubbing their mix of communal art, social and environmental activism, children’s education and pan-ethnic expression „Organic Music.“ Their home in Tågarp became a locus of artistic production, attracting free-spirited musicians, poets, actors and artists with the promise of collective life. There, Keith Knox assembled Tågarp Publication Number Oneto document the collectivistic practices blooming under the Cherrys‘ guidance. Reproduced here, the text includes interviews with Terry Riley and Cherry, a piece on Pandit Pran Nath, a report on the Bombay Free School and a survey of the esoteric Forest University by Bengt af Kintberg. This book explores Don Cherry’s work of the period through additional interviews by Knox, a piece on his Relativity Suite and an essay by Fumi Okiji. Moki’s writings on her workshops are featured alongside full-color reproductions of her tapestries, used as performance environments by Don’s ensembles. Cherry collaborators Bengt Berger and Christer Bothén contribute travelogues from the era. The photo is the cover of the book.)

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