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2019 13 Jan

The Catskills

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So, you called this lunch. What do you want to talk about? I just wanted to touch base before I go to the Catskills. We leave tomorrow. Cool. God, its gonna be so nice to have a break. This past year has been tough. (…) Oh, here. What´s this? Gigs. My typewriter lost its „S“. That´s why it says „Aturday“, „Unday“. You went to college; you can figure it out. These are all in the next two weeks. So? I´m going to the Catskills. Yeah, you said. So I can´t do these. I´m going to the Catskills. First one´s not till a week after next. But I´m going to the Catskills. Yeah, you´re record´s scippin´, Missy. Get to the point. I´m going to the Catskills for two month. Whaa …? Geez, I almost did a spit take. Almost? That w a s a fucking spit take. You´re going to the Catskills for two month? I told you a million times I was going to the Catskills. Yeah, but I figured it was five days, tops, not two fucking month.


(dialog from the TV series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel; impressive how fast and funny the words uncoiled between Midge Maisel, an upperclass housewife and uprising comedian, kind of female Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide variation, and her manager Susie, a compact down to earth working class type, both meeting in their favorite hangout to discuss some business points; the whole series performes with fantastic photography and choreography, aesthetically somehow reminds me to Mad Men, is very witty, and also with deeper dimensions; the catskills is a place were New Yorkers go in summer, well in fact not the working class people; anyhow, have to stop now and go on reading; where´s is my fucking Žižek gone? just laid there on the table)

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