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CLOSE-UP – „The Church in my Suitcase – Instrumental Music of Daniel Lanois“, including his three major no-song-works „Goodbye to Language“, „Flesh and Machine“ and „Belladonna“ – as well as „Acadie“, „Here Is What Is“, Lanois‘ „Omni Series-Box“ – and, for all the good reasons, Brian Eno’s „Apollo“.



For example, „Flesh and Machine“. Another drone world parts, in parts. Daniel Lanois goes wild. With the volume turned low. Has „Drone Music“ been a new, rediscovered, or „never-really-off-the-scene“-topic of some creative upheaval anno 2014? Think of Scott Walker, Swans, „Lumen Drones“ – and (in historic perspective) the reissue of „The Church of Anthrax“, this „hard-core-psychedelic-minimalism“ of John Cale and Terry Riley (1971).

The man from Ontario is diving deep into his non-Canadian roots and textures – on a work without songs and singing. And now the next surprise: this record is not really a close relative to the „golden age“ of Mr. Lanois‘ „ambient classics“ he had created with Brian Eno in the Grand Avenue Studios in his old home in Hamilton (a long, long time ago).

Only the track „Space Love“ may draw some parallels to the „Apollo“ dreamsphere with his pedal steel guitar singing softly, the instrument he loves to call „the church in my suitcase“. And if there is one other track that might be a heartfelt greeting to his old „compadre of strangeness“, it’s the haunted softness of „Iceland“.

On nearly all the other compositions we seem to drift into a strange territory in the back of the artist’s mind. It may all appear like the ideal soundtrack for a town called Lonesome. „Flesh & Machine“ is quite an unsafe journey. Do yourself a favour and don’t believe in campfires anymore! And, now, his latest work, „Goodbye to Language“, is the same calibre of dark zone territory, no doubt about it. Deep digging, so to speak. And different again. Wouldn’t speak of a „church in a suitcase“, reminds me more of „painted ruins“!

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Tomorrow evening’s concert of The Necks will be remixed by Daniel Lanois which is not without some irony for anyone knowing the whole story of my idea of proposing a double album of the Australian trio, one half being produced by Brian Eno, the other half by Manfred Eicher. Two different histories, musically, but a lot of common ground in aesthetics. In the beginning (the space of possible musics), everybody thought of this being quite a thrilling project, or „a lovely idea“ (Brian) at least. There’s a history of special ideas that turn into nice-looking fata morganas, and then into the still unwritten book of great imaginary albums. This is one of them.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    KIck Scene on Sept.1:

    18:00 The Necks

    19:00 Live Remix: Daniel Lanois / Kyle Crane / Jim Wilson

    20:00 Sidsel Endresen & David Toop

    20:45 Live Remix: Jan Bang / Erik Honoré with guests

    21:45 Broen

    22:30 Live Remix

    (Anneli Drecker will take part in one of the other remixes.)

  3. Gregor:

    Meine Fresse. Das hört sich ja burnermässig gut an.

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Broen kenne ich nicht, aber sonst, yep, absoluter Burner-Verdacht, Gregs!

  5. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Der Samstag ist auch nicht so schlecht, hier die Ereignisse, bei denen ich dabei bin:


    11:00 Erik Honoré: Recording turbulence
    12:00 Jez riley French: Extended field recording techniques

    15:00 David Lynch: The Art Life

    Doors 16:30

    17:00 Arve Henriksen «Towards Language» featuring Eivind Aarset / Jan Bang / Erik Honoré

    17:45 Live Remix

    21:00 Daniel Lanois „Time On“ with Kyle Crane and Jim Wilson

    22:00 Live Remix: Audun Kleive / Eivind Aarset / Jan Bang / Erik Honoré

  6. uwe Meilchen:

    Schade, dass solche Konzerte nie auf CD / DVD erscheinen; für die Daheimgebliebenen …


  7. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Das Wunderbare lässt sich nie dauerkonfektionieren.

    Wenn alles verfügbar wäre, es könnte rasch langweilig werden.

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